Oct 17 2013 Jigging up 14 Bass to 30 PLUS lbs with Jimmy :)


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Thursday Oct 17 2013, Jimmy Romano and I Headed out for some Striped Bass and we weren’t disappointed.
Jimmy and I landed 14 Striped Bass Keeping our Limit and Releasing all the rest especially the LARGER ones
we like to release the BIG GIRLS so they can re-populate the spiecies.

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Capt.Paul Peluso aka Pablo Reporting Hot Bite Continues In Moriches
email me at Paul@PaulPeluso.com



1st Striped Bass of the 2013 Season !!!


Saturday April 27 2013 I got invited to sail with my Good Friend Chris DiVivo on his 1st Trip of the season. We set We fished the out going tide hopeing the water would warm enough to get the fish active.

We rounded the east cut and was suprised to see it 3-4 foot deep at
the lowest part so it should be ok. However we were there at high tide so be

As for the Breach it was nicly all filled in and fenced off. A few
seals were swiming around the inlet as usual.
East jetty and West jetty look a little beat up and the water temp by the inlet was 47. Not much happening there so we hit all our spots working our way west past the Smith Point

Water temps there were 53/54 and the whole bay was quite clear with
good visibility. Not having much luck we worked our way back to Remsenberg where
Codi keeps his boat and at our last spot and as Codi says that it Pablo lets go
it happened :)

Nothing Big but a very welcomed site.
Thank’s Chris Codi Jones

Here’s to a good 2013 everyone
THUMBS UP TO RICH TROXX, for the music in this video
Hey Rich Make some more come on man ;)

Capt.Paul Peluso aka Pablo

Chris DiVivoChris DiVivo aka Codi Jones

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AND SO IT BEGINS !!! This week the fish should really move in and things will be Heating Up !!!

Mia and Tianna Go Herring Fishing


It’s that time of year again the Holidays are upon us and that means it’s Herring time.

After the Morning Crush of well over 40 Herring, I decided to take Mia and her Girl Friend Tianna with me for the Afternoon bite.

The Girls had a Ball catching double headers and pretty much out fished everyone else.

It was Great time we had if you left the rig in the strike zone after you felt the 1st one on, you usually had 3-4 and even 5 on at a time.

This was the wining rig and I also added a Dodger or Flasher to the top of my rig helps attract the fish. I used the Lid from a Sterno Tray take a pair of scissors and cut fish shape as you can tell I am a gifted tin snip and my cut outs are absolute perfect resemblances of a herring HAHAHA. But the fish didn’t care how bad they looked after a while the one in the middle was just a crumbled up ball.

Now the Pickling Process begins and I will have Many Jars this year with all the Herring I caught on Friday. I will add the 2 Videos I made for anyone who wants to pickle Herring or any fish for that matter below.

So even though the hurricane pretty much ended the surf and boating Striper Fishing there’s still some fish that are easy to catch and fun for everyone and good to eat.

Hopefully I will have 1 more shot at the Bass but it doesn’t look good for next few days. So enjoy some local fishing in and around your local docks. It’s easy to get get to and fun for the whole family

Happy Holidays

Captain Paul Peluso
or 631-399-2400


Mia’s 1st Keeper Striped Bass


If you are Viewing from a MOBILE DEVICE click the Video Below

Monday Nov 11 2012 Veterans Day it was 65 degrees Sunny and light SE winds Seas were 1 to 2′ and my kids had off from school. I called my good friend Jay to see if he and his daughter Christiana wanted to join us to hunt for some stripers ? My Son Paul Anthony my Daughter were all ready to go. We agreed that with a SE wind incoming tide would work best and we would all meet at 1:30 pm at the boat.
On my last outing we had 8 Stripers to 20 lbs all on eels so I figured the Bass had the feed bag on for eels and that it would be the easiest way for the kids to land a fish or two. Time was not on our side for I knew I had to get back before dark with all the debris still floating around the bay from Hurricane Sandy.

For the 1st few drifts not much happened as I drifted the exact location I had all the success with Neil and Jimmy this past Saturday. I saw a few Gannets diving in about 50′ of water I took a ride out to see what they were doing ? I found scattered bait and no fish so I went right back to the bar and drifted in towards the inlet. Jay was being his usual negative self saying I only catch bluefish Pablo we will not catch a bass and sure enough what happened ? A cocktail blue ate his and the girls eels, I said SHUT UP!!! I haven’t scene a bluefish in weeks. Then Christiana had to use the bathroom and when she came out she started crying I’m not feeling good I want to go home. So I moved quickly to the inlet where the water was FLAT clam and we drifted all the way around to the West cut by buoy 6W and that’s where it happened.

Mia’s Eel got picked up and I told her to set the hook and reel. I handed the camera to my 12 year old Son and he did a good job a little shaky but captured the moment on video. Mia got the fish to the surface right away and I netted it on the second attempt. The girls were so excited we snapped several pictures and I let them fill my fish box with water so the fish could swim around. It was like Christmas came early and now they started asking questions. Can we feed him the eels ? LOL, I said no he won’t eat anything in the fish box. Can we keep him as a pet ? Sure call your Mom and ask her, HAHAHA that didn’t go over so well. I showed them what I knew about stripers. What the spikes were for on there back and how it has 2 more points on each Gill and one on its belly so predators can’t eat them. I said there’s 2 things you can do #1 let it go or #2 eat it ? Without hesitation both girls said EAT IT !!! I said you sure they said Yes lets bring it home cook it and EAT IT !!! Jay tried to explain to the girls that you should let your 1st keeper go but they weren’t buying that and so we kept it.
Back at the dock the girls couldn’t wait to see what was in the belly of the striper and my sister Pam met us and cooked us up a Great Supper. Pineapple Salsa on grilled Striped Bass over rice M’m M;m Good 2 thumbs up Pam there was NONE left.

Even Though it was only 29″ to an 8 year old it might as well been 50 lbs
I’m so proud of you Mia !!!
Time and spots are running out
Better Call Now
Capt.Paul Peluso

Striped Bass Fishing Moriches Inlet Post Hurricane Sandy


Saturday Nov 10 2012. Headed out with Neil Stoff and Jimmy Romano, on the ride out we had to keep and eye out for the debris but we made it without an incident. We did see a floating plastic kids table and 2 seals were hanging around the inlet all ready.
Right off the Bat we had a Striper on and I landed this Guy
After that it was Neil’s and Jimmy Turn to land 5 fish in the AM.

We also tried Lures but the water was Very Dirty and our lures went untouched so we mainly stuck to the live bait eels and it worked great. We worked the out going tide till it died and Jimmy had to go. So Neil and I went had lunch, Smoked a Cigar and dumped 10 more gallons in the boat.

On the PM trip Neil was the HOT hand landing 3 more Bass and I only had 1 run off and never got to set my hook. We released all the PM fish and headed in at 4 PM. It was a Good Day

Striper Fishing Should remain Hot till Thanksgiving
Reserve your Spot today
Capt.Paul Peluso